Alec Baldwin dined with stalker, complaint says

ALEC BALDWIN and Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER are leading the tributes to revered US newsman MIKE WALLACE. The hard-hitting 60 Minutes interviewer passed away aged 93 at a care centre in New Canaan, Connecticut on Saturday (07Apr12).

Another display of grassroots muscle caused the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to drop their financial support for ALEC.

"We are a member of ALEC, but we are members for business issues of importance for International Paper, not all policy issues that their members deal with," said its spokesman, Thomas J. Ryan on Monday. "We review all of our memberships on an annual

Shenanigans!! Who has the audacity to stalk the great Alec Baldwin?? WHO?? Genevieve Sabourin, that´s who! After meeting the 30 Rock jokester on the set of The Adventures of Pluto Nash

by Jessica Pieklo The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation became the latest high profile backer of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council to withdraw financial support after pressure from groups opposed to ALEC's support of “stand your