'Airborne Eddy' Defends Dyngus Day on CNN

Well, CNN's Anderson Cooper did a segment on Buffalo's Dyngus Day history last night during his recurring feature, The Ridiculist, and boy did he think Dyngus Day was funny. He made it through the first couple minutes of

Have you heard of “Dyngus Day,” an apparently real holiday that features men sprinkling women with water and women tapping men with pussy-willow branches? Neither have we, and until last night, neither did CNN's

AP BUFFALO, NY (AP) — CNN's Anderson Cooper's ridicule of Dyngus Day celebrations has gotten him an invitation to Buffalo to take part in the festivities next year. Cooper laughed through his segment Tuesday on the Polish-American, day-after-Easter

By Michael Regan The Tonawanda News TOWN OF TONAWANDA — If you're from most areas of the country outside of Western New York the idea of Dyngus Day may sound as foreign as Poland itself. But in the Buffalo region and particularly the Tonawandas,

By Stan Maddux According to local police officials, this year's Dyngus Day was relatively quiet from a law enforcement standpoint. Ralph Akers, 61, of La Porte was arrested about 8 pm for operating while intoxicated. La Porte Police Officer Joe Blake