A.J. McCarron's girlfriend gains thousands of fans, including Brent Musburger …

We have this BCS bingo thing going. One of the items was to be marked off once Brent Musburger said something creepy about a woman in the stands. It was marked off with vigor once ESPN's cameras showed A.J.

"That's AJ McCarron's girlfriend, OK," said Musburger. "You quarterback's get all the beautiful women – that's a beautiful woman, WOW!" "AJ is doing some things right down there in Tuscaloosa," said co-commentator Kirk Herbstreit. "If you're a

Think we're joking? An NFL player tweeting his phone number to A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Brent Musburger was drooling all over her (okay, Brent drools over just about everything) and LeBron is out there following her too: Screen_shot_2013-01-07_at_10

January 7, 2013 by Josh Pacheco. Lucky for us a ESPN cameraman found A.J. McCarron's model girlfriend, Katherine Webb, and mother, Dee Dee Bonner, in the crowd. Brent loved it OF COURSE.

Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama USA 2012 (Bama QB A.J. McCarron's girlfriend). A.J. McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama USA 2012, is really, really admired by Brent Musberger. And as you recall, Brent was